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To learn more about the blue economy, a series of over 100 interesting interviews with professionals who work and have been trained in the blue economy have been conducted. They are called “blueFocus” because each of these interviews is focused on a particular blue profession, to show and inform all young people in Europe about the employment and training opportunities that exist within the 7 sub-sectors of the blue economy.

These professionals share their experiences, their beginnings in the sector, their vocation for their work and advice for the new Blue Generations.

Here you can find out what it takes to work in the 7 sub-sectors of the blue economy. These interviews provide a lot of information to get to know every detail of each particular profession, such as aquaculture technician, marine biologist, engineer, fisherman, skipper, mechanic, and many, many more.

Coastal Tourism in Greece #1

Coastal Tourism in Greece #2

Aquaculture in Greece #1

Fisheries in Greece #1