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VR Videos

The VR videos are reproducing the actual environment and the daily activities of the Blue Economy professionals in each sector.

Many young people may not be aware of the diverse job opportunities within the Blue Economy. VR videos can showcase a wide range of professions, from underwater robotics technicians to marine conservationists, giving them exposure to career options they might not have considered otherwise.

VR transcends geographical boundaries, allowing young job seekers from different parts of the world to explore and learn about opportunities in the Blue Economy. This opens up a global job market and encourages mobility among aspiring professionals.

Traditional internships or job shadowing experiences may have logistical and financial barriers. VR videos eliminate many of these obstacles, making it more accessible for young people to explore career options in the Blue Economy.

Inspiration and Motivation: Seeing professionals in action through VR can inspire and motivate young individuals to pursue careers in the Blue Economy. It can create a sense of purpose and passion for protecting and utilizing marine resources sustainably.

In summary, using VR videos to showcase the daily activities and environments of Blue Economy professionals is a powerful tool for career exploration and preparation. It can help young people make informed decisions about their career paths, acquire relevant skills, connect with industry experts, and ultimately contribute to the sustainable growth of the Blue Economy.


Marine Biotechnology


Coastal Tourism

Ocean Energy

Ship Building & maintenance