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BlueGeneration Bootcamp

The Blue Generation Project has created the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), a free course with the following 10 modules and where you learn about employment and training opportunities that exist within the 7 sub-sectors of the Blue Economy in Europe. The modules are:

  • Module 0: What is the course about and how is it built
  • Module 1: Intro and Blue economy
  • Module 2: Coastal Tourism
  • Module 3: Aquaculture
  • Module 4: Ocean energy
  • Module 5: Marine Biotech
  • Module 6: Shipbuilding
  • Module 7: Maritime Transport
  • Module 8: Fishing
  • Module 9: Presentation, promotion skills to different Target Groups
  • Module 10: Final Quiz

This course is aimed at both young people who want to learn about opportunities in the blue economy sectors in Europe, and mentors/future promoters who want to promote the different opportunities that exist in this sector to youth or others.

The total duration of the course is approximately 3 hours. The modules are independent, and you can complete them in any order according to your personal interests.

Enjoy the course and learn more about the blue economy in Europe with BlueGeneration Bootcamp!

BlueGeneration MOOC