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Marine Biotechnology

With thanks to: Valmar K

How did you become interested in the marine environment?

As I grew up in a city next to the sea (Tallinn city) as Estonia has a long coast line and many islands, I’ve always had connection with the marine environment. But the option to work in this sector came to me only recently.

What was your entry route?

As a career the blue sector chose me. My good friend and long-time course mate from the University proposed the idea to me. The opportunity came to him from his neighbour on an island he lives. There was a lot of seaweed available by the coast and no knowledge what to do with it. Although we had never worked with algae before, we had the confidence to take on this challenge.

What are your tasks?

As a founder of a start-up, I feel the essence of my work is to take an idea and form it into reality. This means questioning about what we know, what are the unanswered questions, how can we get the answers and executing on it to step by step build a new system that generates value.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the journey, the unexpected paths which turns it into an adventure that’s fun to look back. This journey makes me grow and evolve every day in so many aspects I don’t know if I’m able to recognise myself in the future.

Do you have any tips for someone considering a similar career to yours?

Yes! Take small steps, less worrying, more doing and feeling - start attending events that cover the topics that feels interesting, socializing with people you vibe with and opportunities will start emerging without you having to force it