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Windfarm electrical technician
Electrical wind technicians perform the maintenance of electronic equipment in offshore windfarm. The job will often involve regular travel by boat or helicopter to the turbines. It also will involve working at heights over 25 meters and require physical fitness.
Average yearly salary
  • 25,000 – 45,000 Euro
Work Schedule
  • Full time
  • 40h / week, sometimes more
  • Limited contract with wind energy companies
  • May be on call to handle emergencies during evenings and weekends
What you’ll do
  • To develop projects of installation of wind energy installations.
  • To manage the commissioning and operation of wind energy installations.
  • To manage the maintenance of wind energy installations.
  • To prevent occupational hazards and to act in emergency cases in wind farms.
  • Regular inspections and monitoring of the electrical systems, nacelle and turbine blades
  • Repairs & Retrofit upgrades
Education, training, and qualification
  • Higher VET Technician in Renewable Energies or
  • Higher VET Technician in Power Plants or
  • University Grade in Energy Engineering or
  • University Grade in Electrical Engineering or
  • University Grade in Renewable Energy Engineering or
  • Other Engineering Grades + Master in Renewable Energies / Wind Power
  • Basic Safety Training STCW + Skipper License may be required to access to turbines
Experience in high voltage installations is often required. Mechanical background and additional training in construction and maintenance are helpful. The Global Wind Organization regulates the safety training standards for its members, who include the largest wind energy companies worldwide.
Personal Qualities and Skills
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Good concentration capacity
  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Organizational capabilities
  • Understand technical drawings and diagrams
  • Work under pressure and without supervision
  • Knowledge of materials science / technology
  • Experience in cutting, sharpening and drilling